(Official) Cloud Readiness Assessment

Make your organisation cloud-ready

Part of Vodafone’s offering under the G-Cloud procurement framework, the Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) service evaluates your organisation’s current IT functions to assess their readiness for deployment in a cloud-based environment and provides a clear roadmap of recommended changes that need to be made before cloud adoption.


How it works

An expert team will work with you over a period of up to two weeks to review existing documentation about your organisation’s IT functions and infrastructure and set up online data collection to capture further information about current application use and requirements. The team includes a specialised, part-time project lead who will be located on site, backed up by Vodafone’s in-house experts, including system analysts and cloud consultants.

Once the collected data has been analysed, a three-hour workshop will be organised by the project lead to further refine the organisation’s strategic needs. This will be followed by three virtual meetings with senior IT managers on the following topics: application landscape; technology infrastructure landscape; and security and privacy. These meetings will enable all parties to drill down into the technical aspects of these subjects, clarify findings and exchange insights.



Finally, the CRA team will deliver a ‘cloud application portfolio readiness report’. This provides an overview of the organisation’s key drivers for cloud adoption, an inventory of current IT functions and a detailed evaluation of each’s readiness and suitability for cloud migration. The report also details the priority for moving different functionality to the cloud while outlining recommendations for the type of cloud architecture to be used and how the organisation’s applications might fit within that framework. The team will also suggest a roadmap, with clear goals and recommendations to help you proceed with your transition to the cloud.


Expert assessment of cloud readiness

A tailor-made cloud migration plan

Cloud Readiness Assessment delivers a clear, aligned roadmap that will enable your organisation to prepare for its transition to the cloud.

Full audit of current IT functions

Understand the applications and infrastructure that underpins your current IT functions and how it can be improved in line with your organisation’s current goals.

Specialist help when you need it

Enjoy the benefits of having a professional and experienced project team of system analysts and cloud consultants, without the trouble and expense of hiring a new set of employees.

Maximise investment

Get a clear picture of which of your organisation’s IT functions are best suited to a cloud environment and which ones should be given priority in order to maximise return on investment.

Official security classification

This Vodafone product is certified to meet the Official security classification level as defined by HM Government. Official is deemed appropriate for managing most information that’s created or processed by the public sector, including information that is sensitive and must not be shared freely.

Click here for details of government guidelines.


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