Helping educators and students do more, via #TheElasticClassroom

Now is the time to operate with greater flexibility

COVID-19 and Brexit have fundamentally changed the education sector for the long-term. Yet there is pressure to continue delivering high-quality education and support students on site or at home. The digitalisation of education is being fast tracked, with educators tasked with reimagining traditional teaching spaces and methods using digital technology.

Vodafone is helping education providers adapt to new student needs and a future of blended learning. We can help you to be more progressive and innovative, with a more malleable approach to education.



affected by school closures globally


countries had to postpone or reschedule exams


countries had to cancel exams completely

Our vision: #TheElasticClassroom

Now is the time to look beyond the physical constraints of classrooms, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and libraries. With Vodafone for Education, you can access a full suite of technology solutions that are innovative, simple and secure. We can help you to:

  • Put security first, and prioritise staff and student wellbeing.
  • Engage with tools that encourage collaboration.
  • Navigate new norms with future-leading technologies that enable elastic learning.
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Paving the way for digital solutions

Adapting to alternative methods, securing existing sites and communicating safety precautions are only the tip of the iceberg.

Vodafone for Education enables you to react fast, ensuring safety and accessible learning for all.

Primary and secondary schools can reimagine education beyond funding or equipment concerns, via the Elastic Classroom:

  • Digital access that ensures all students and staff have the right tools and technology to learn remotely.
  • Keep in touch with solutions that get you in contact faster, whether that’s with individuals, on a mass scale or with support assistance.
  • Putting safety first for a seamless transition back to school sites, as well as securing those still working and learning online.

Helping educators and students do more through a more elastic approach to learning

We’re here to help you adapt to new student needs and a future of blended learning, through a suite of technology solutions that are innovative, simple and secure.

  • Put security first – whether that’s virtual or on campus. Keep staff and students safe, and prioritise their wellbeing.
  • Engage people with tools that encourage collaboration and enable faster connections between students, educators and staff, so everyone can drive better learning outcomes together.
  • Embrace future-leading technologies that attract more students, empower staff and provide an enhanced blended learning experience.

Everything you need to rethink education, while keeping your courses on track

Education leaders and exam centre managers can now tackle the recent disruption and support teachers and learners across the new education lifecycle:

  • Provide digital access to learning and examinations with a wide spectrum of tools, like secure video conferencing.
  • Prioritise safety with equipment that can help you take the necessary precautions needed every step of the way.
  • Keep in touch with students, educators, parents and staff with innovative engagement tools and a reliable connection.
Digital educational platforms should provide engaging and interactive teaching experiences, while also being easy to use. I’m excited to see how Vodafone will help transform our in-class experience for both pupils and teachers.

Lyndsay Macnair,
Head Teacher, Bridge of Allan Primary School (Connected Education pilot partner)

Providing access to digital education to students across the world

Investing in children’s education is vital to ensure they are equipped for a better future. Our Connected Education solution brings digital learning to the classroom, wherever the classroom is based across the globe. We combine connectivity, devices, curriculum-based content and cloud storage into a ready made digital classroom environment ready for both students and teachers to use.


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