Housing Associations

Transforming resident services and workforce productivity

Transforming housing services

Housing Associations are using digital and mobility solutions to respond to the unique pressures of this sector. From legislation and increased competition, to budgetary pressures and a growing demand for social care resources, there has never been a greater need for new digital technologies and mobile connectivity.


Accelerating the digital journey

Operating with large mobile workforces, Housing Associations across the UK have been quick to adopt digital tools to enable remote working. The ongoing housing crisis has seen a growth in demand for services, prompting a digital channel shift to improve service delivery and streamline back office functions.

The impact of COVID-19 has further accelerated the use of digital services, with digital programmes now being realised at scale. Housing Associations are investing in cloud access and more intelligent data networks to deliver against their ambitious digital plans for keeping residents safe, employees productive, and properties easy to maintain.

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How Vodafone are empowering Housing Associations

We’re working with Housing Associations across the UK to accelerate the adoption of digital tools and discover the art of the possible with 5G to ensure they continue to deliver excellent service, whilst managing costs.

Workforce efficiency. It’s what all Housing Associations strive for...

After all, it’s what keeps down your costs, enables a responsive service, and ensures your housing stock is efficiently maintained.

At Vodafone, we put data at the heart of this efficiency as we respond to an exponential growth in network use, cloud access and more intelligent data networks.

A better service to residents

We’re helping to improve remote access to information, documents and central databases out in the community, giving mobile workers the power to take action and make decisions for a better service to residents – all in a secure data environment.

Better insight

Our cloud-ready IT and digital services help Housing Associations to unlock the value of data, with analytics and intelligent feedback providing accurate resident insights. We enable this with robust, low-latency and reliable connectivity in line with our customers’ adoption of agile working practices.

Improving maintenance efficiency

Repair and maintenance teams can record on-site information directly onto mobile devices to reduce paperwork. Automated dynamic job scheduling allocates the best maintenance team for each job to speed up service delivery and improve workforce efficiency.

Supporting residents

We’ve developed a mobile app tailored to the needs of housing and property management teams. This enables them to support residents in their own homes, for example, helping them to register for online services and support.

Cutting maintenance costs

Our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in properties improve the quality of response to residents’ maintenance requirements, removing time consuming physical checks and reducing the need to provide unsolicited maintenance on boilers, pipes and damp prevention – all while adhering to maintenance schedules.

Enhanced security

Motion-triggered and cloud-based, easy-to-deploy mobile cameras provide compliant evidence to your desktop of intruders and anti-social behaviour around your properties, including void premises. This enables back office teams to pin-point historical incidents and leverage the intelligent data captured for use in prosecution when incidents get to court.


Mobile and web technologies have made it easier than ever for residents to self-serve and access services via online portals, such as reporting maintenance issues – cutting the cost to the Housing Association and enabling a 24-hour access model.

Supporting digital inclusion

Our state-of-the-art fixed network is the largest in the UK and supports many thousands of homes by giving residents access to the connectivity they need for communicating with family, friends and in forums to limit their isolation.

Smart contact

We enable alternative digital channels for residents to contact their Housing Association landlords. This drives quicker response times and improves the resident experience, while equipping multi-skilled contact centre agents to handle more queries, faster.

Increasing productivity

We’re driving workforce efficiency through improved network coverage with 4G – and now 5G in some areas. We have invested over £2bn and were named the Best Network Provider
of the Year 2020 by readers of leading technology advice website Trusted Reviews.

Duty of care

Lone worker protection solutions are
a great example of technology being used for good. We’re helping to safeguard the people providing services on the ground, from housing officers to maintenance repair staff working alone in sensitive areas.

Smart asset management

We’re helping Housing Associations use Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices to track and manage assets, such as detecting leaks, boiler issues, damp, blocked gutters, communal lighting, etc.
to drive a proactive response to residents’ needs.

We recently started working in partnership with Vodafone and have been impressed by their knowledge of the housing sector needs and ability to bring us innovative ways and approaches of working from all the other sectors they work in.

Gerard Naughton,
Head of Business Services, Wandle Housing Ltd.

Real-time remote data access

The Wheatley Group is one of Scotland’s leading housing, care and property-management groups and one of the UK’s best-accredited organisations. Owning or managing over 81,000 homes, Wheatley delivers services to over 200,000 people across Scotland. See how Vodafone UK are helping them access vital information on the move.


Connected Living: Enhancing quality of life

Innovative IoT technology is supporting those with learning disabilities living in assisted housing.


Linking citizens up with loved ones

Powered by Vodafone, Wirral Council and Age UK are providing support to care home residents using tablets and our connectivity solutions.


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