Gain #TheAgileEdge for Defence with Vodafone Business.

Supporting defence in the Information Age

The Defence sector in the UK is faced with the challenge of embracing the advances of the Information Age. This transition means exploiting the best of what already exists in the Defence sector, but also leveraging proven technologies from wider industries to overcome challenges. This is where we have the edge.

Vodafone’s strategy helps to ensure that Defence can exploit proven technologies in a way that allows true integration into existing systems, processes and data. This enables Defence to meet the changing digital landscape – providing enhanced security and securing advantage.

Challenge the status quo with #TheAgileEdge

Challenge the status quo with #TheAgileEdge

Why Vodafone?

Like much of the UK public sector, Defence is looking to be more efficient in its operations to support a military for the modern world.

The Agile Edge

All of this contributes to our competitive offering, built around Vodafone Defence’s agile edge – our powerful advantage that enables us to deploy our solutions with flexibility, at speed.


Finding new ways to digitise Defence

At Vodafone, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about digital transformation and we’re committing to partnering with organisations to challenge the status quo, and digitise fixed environments, industrial space and deployed space to help Defence gain the edge. We’re realising this by focusing on four key areas:

A commercially agile portfolio

Defence has historically been hampered by numerous challenges, including flexible operations and the ability to scale at speed. It’s imperative for organisations operating in the Defence sector to be able to connect to highly available and resilient fixed or mobile networks. They need to ensure they can access services that enable data capture and consumption on the ground to give them a competitive advantage, without compromising security and safety.

Problem: Lack of integrated solutions

Traditionally, information services within the Defence sector lack the level of integration and interoperability required to enable a truly joined upcapability across operations. A complex landscape calls for accelerated transformation with tried and tested commercial-grade technology.


Solution: On-demand defence

We’re helping to set up a more cohesive, capable function with effective IT services, thanks to our agile commercial portfolio.

We have a range of solutions, which are fit for purpose regardless of the operating environment, from fixed to deployed environments.


Disruptive solutions

We have a range of fixed and mobile solutions, including Software Defined Networking, Unified Communications, 4G and 5G commerical and private networks, cloud services, edge computing and a comprehensive smart technology portfolio. These are all fit for purpose regardless of the operating environment, from fixed services to deployed operations.

Leading technology specialists for Defence

Our expertise has grown from being the UK’s leading military radio specialists in the 1980s. For past 25 years we have provided solutions to the Defence industry at all government security classification.

Integrated solutions

We have a ground-up security-by-design approach to new services, with proven commercial-grade technology at its core.

£1 billion network investment each year

Our next generation networking is underpinned by continuous investment in fixed and mobile.

Tried and tested

The Defence sector needs data-driven operations and a network that scales at speed in order to achieve information superiority. Adaptable solutions that prioritise appropriate levels of security, whenever and wherever you need them, is essential to remain at the leading edge.

Problem: Risk of losing sensitive data

Information advantage is crucial – and at the heart of any system is data. Data that needs to be captured, stored, processed and visualised in real-time for commanders to achieve informationsuperiority. A critical aspect of this is finding the right balance of information security based on type, timeliness and sensitivity, in order to maximise the value of commercial technology.


Solution: The strategic system

Our adaptable solutions are secure and deployable when, where and how they’re needed. We’re enabling a more responsive and resilient capability with the latest tech, all underpinned by our tried and tested agile portfolio.


Leading edge technology

Customers can benefit from our technology of over 77 million IoT SIM connections around the world, our low-cost connectivity options and intelligent connectivity from Vodafone Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions.

Trusted supplier

We’re a major supplier for Britain’s critical national infrastructure. One-third
of the UK’s central government users are connected on Vodafone One Net Enterprise.

Speed at scale

Our network carries 12Tb of customer data per second.

Information advantage

We offer speed and resilience at scale, capturing data in real time with low latency using edge computing

Problem: Innovating at speed

Speed of innovation has historically hampered Defence. Ready off-the-shelf innovation with the latest future-proof solutions for digital transformation are paramount for a world-class military.

Solution: Future force innovation

We’re digitising fixed environments, industrial space and deployed space with information-led business transformation, backed up by our applied and agile innovation.

Our resilient and commercially proven solutions act as a force multiplier for Defence transformation, delivering tangible results.


Innovative products and tech

Customers can benefit from our leading-edge 5G network, IoT performance, and MPN technology.

Tomorrow Street Innovation Centre

We fast-track the latest products and tech from our Tomorrow Street Innovation Centre, which incubates solutions from SMEs and start-ups.

Global tech partners

We collaborate with global techvendors – like AWS, Google, Microsoft and Cisco – to deliver the right solutions to customer challenges.

Agile together

A robust, reliable partner that finds new ways to respond quickly and with flexibility to customers’ needs is crucial for Defence organisations. Knowing providers are prioritising and investing in customer relationships can make all the difference when it comes to operational speed and agility.

Problem: Inflexible contracts and rigid providers

It’s a priority for the Defence sector to have a platform and partnership for ideas to be assessed and tested before being deployed. This has historically been hampered by a small number of large providers with rigid contracts reducing the opportunity for commercial-grade innovation at scale.


Solution: The powerful partner

Our flexible agreements and comprehensive portfolio are designed to deliver commercial and competitive advantage for any Defence organisation.


Proven credentials

We're known as a trusted partner in Defence and the emergency services, with over 1 million public sector customers in the UK alone.

Heavy investment in customer relationships

We are passionate about investing in customer partner relationships in order to maximise the value we bring to growth efforts.

Experience provider

We work with 2,000 of the world’s biggest multinational organisations and 70% of companies in the Fortune 500.

The move to Vodafone was seamless. Our costs are now predictable and thanks to roaming worry-free with Vodafone, we know what the cost will be, based on where our teams are in the world.

Adam Robinson,
Supply Chain Manager, Hesco Group

A truly mobile solution

Find out how we helped Hesco to stay connected wherever they are in the world.


Vodafone at DPRTE

At this year's virtual DPRTE, our dedicated Defence Team hosted our first ever virtual stand, Vodafone CTO Scott Petty discussed how 5G can give Defence an Agile Edge while Steve Knibbs and Jonathan Reid challenged whether Defence can exploit commercial technology securely.

DPRTE Virtual

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