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Introducing the Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries were facing a health crisis – increasing demands for healthcare and decreasing capacity to provide it where it’s most needed.

The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte brings together connected health solutions and digital transformation to improve access to healthcare and create better patient experiences.

Using new technologies such as 5G, IoT and Edge Computing, we are reducing risk, providing better training, boosting efficiency and improving lives.


Bold steps on the digital journey

The health and social care sectors are on a mandated digital journey. Transforming ways of working, communicating and connecting is a key pillar of the UK Government’s policy for delivering frontline services efficiently and cost effectively.

Under relentless budgetary and resourcing pressures, health and social care providers urgently need digital tools and easy access to data to reduce costs, improve patient outcomes and deliver a better employee experience. Vodafone is at the forefront of making this happen with innovative technology and 5G connectivity.


Discover the future of health and social care

Technology and digital transformation are delivering healthcare efficiency, changing lives and even saving lives. Discover the future of health and social care in the Connected Health Journal.


Spotlight Stories from Vodafone across Europe: Innovations in Healthcare

We explore how healthcare is being transformed by Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G in Germany, Italy, Hungry, Ireland and the UK

Spotlight Stories

Realising health and social care ambitions

At Vodafone, our track record in health and social care rests on a deep understanding of the challenges today’s healthcare leaders face, day in, day out.

The Government is pushing to make digitally-enabled health and social care mainstream.

Our technology is facilitating faster turnaround and transfer of diagnostic images and data, providing patients with informed and timely information for a better healthcare experience.

We’re improving first-line contact for patients and concerned citizens by doubling the calling capacity of the NHS 111 advice service to handle 2,400 calls simultaneously. And we’ve provided relief staff for the surging service. Technologies like Software Defined Networking and 5G have led to an explosion in interconnected gadgets, even robotic surgery, supporting better patient outcomes.

Connected Living

Our Connected Living project in partnership with Mencap is overcoming some of the obstacles to everyday living and changing the lives of people with learning disabilities.


How are we doing this?

The real winners of all this investment in tech are people on the front line. They’re already being empowered to deliver the type of care they want to deliver, aided by the best and most advanced tech money can buy.

Now, with the current global situation accelerating the need to utilise technology and connectivity to transform the way health and care services are delivered, we are truly beginning to see the art of the possible.

So, how are Vodafone empowering key workers?

Enhanced communication

Enabling effective communication between healthcare professionals with secure digital messaging solutions.

Superfast broadband upgrades

Helping to ensure that clinicians working from home have their broadband upgraded to superfast as soon as possible.

Remote data access

Enabling carers to check and share critical patient information when making home visits with our CareTech solution.

Linking citizens up with loved ones

Improving connectivity in care homes.

Patients Prioritised - how Vodafone support CareTech

CareTech works across the UK, supporting people with disabilities and challenging behaviours, and helping them discover a more independent way of life.

The team were looking for a solution that would transform their admin process. By joining up their communications on to a single platform, allows carers to make effective use of time. They can spend less of it worrying about admin and more on what matters most – caring for their patients.


Connected Health

Patients and healthcare professionals are beginning to experience first-hand what greater efficiency looks and feels like. There’s less use of paper, while old equipment like pagers, faxes and out-of-date phone systems are disappearing.

Instead there’s growing use of 5G, cloud and data, as well as computers, gadgets, tablets and mobiles all talking to each other.

Our products are connecting clinicians with clinicians, clinicians with patients, patients with NHS places, NHS places with even more places – all making the everyday more efficient.

Vodafone DreamLab

Apps like Vodafone DreamLab are speeding up research to find new cures for current or emerging conditions, including cancer and COVID-19.


Coronavirus: How Vodafone UK is helping the NHS

Vodafone UK is providing connectivity for the new Nightingale hospital in London, upgrading broadband at other hospitals, and supporting NHS workers and the NHS 111 helpline.

Patients are demanding change. They want better outcomes, more immediacy [and are] accepting of virtual ways of working. The pandemic has re-engineered society on our behalf.

Professor Shafi Ahmed,
Cancer surgeon at The Royal London Hospital, Vodafone health ambassador

Making change happen - right now



Connected health and care with Professor Shafi Ahmed and Danny Kelly


Wirral Council and Age UK


Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

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