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Vodafone in Health

Bold steps on the digital journey  

The health and social care sectors are on a mandated digital journey. Transforming ways of working and ensuring robust, secure connectivity are key pillars of the UK Government’s policy for delivering frontline services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Vodafone in Health collaborates with eConsult  

Vodafone in Health and eConsult Health have joined forces to help reduce patient waiting times and enhance patient safety across NHS Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres. eConsult’s digital triage solution was designed to automatically check-in and prioritise patients upon arrival based on clinical need, speeding up the streaming process, identifying sick patients earlier, reducing the waiting time and time to treatment.

Underpinning this is Vodafone’s secure digital infrastructure, enabling healthcare providers to accelerate adoption of the digital platform and ensure adaptability to scale based on patient demand.

Uniting our capabilities, we are striving to achieve our common goal of reducing health inequalities and democratising healthcare access, by building a truly digital front door to care.

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Vodafone in Health partners with the HSJ  

We are delighted to be headline partners of the HSJ Awards for a second consecutive year. The Awards provide a huge opportunity to drive positive change across the sector through best practice sharing and to recognise the hard working individuals and teams who continue to strive for better patient outcomes. Vodafone’s purpose is to ‘connect for a better future’ and to build greater inclusivity in society by reducing the digital divide. This makes the Awards particularly meaningful as we work together to provide innovative solutions to better support the NHS. I look forward to meeting the finalists.

Anne-Marie Vine-Lott Director for Health

Digitalising healthcare  

Connectivity and security as the foundation to digital care

As healthcare settings expand their scope into digitalising care, it has never been more important to underpin digital innovation with forward thinking connectivity and security. We understand the operational complexity, overstretched resource and legacy infrastructure that makes navigating the digital care domain complex. We can help to address these intrinsic challenges by building innovative solutions to digital care, together.

What does secure connectivity look like?

With our wrap-around Vodafone Business Cyber Security solutions underpinning our healthcare portfolio, together we can enable healthcare settings to make effective, faster and smarter decisions about their digital future. Our range of connectivity solutions and enhancement portfolio can work to avoid hospital dark-spots and keep critical patient services online. Whether you’ll need fixed, wireless or enhancement, we can work together to find the best fit for your Trust.

Building digital health, together.

With our extensive security and connectivity portfolios, we’re able to underpin existing systems with our cyber and connectivity services to ensure you’re confidently and securely connected, wherever you are on your journey to digital.


How are we doing this?

The real winners of all this investment in tech are people on the front line. They’re already being empowered to deliver the type of care they want to deliver, aided by the best and most advanced tech money can buy.

Now, with the current global situation accelerating the need to utilise technology and connectivity to transform the way health and care services are delivered, we are truly beginning to see the art of the possible.

So, how are Vodafone empowering key workers?

Enhanced communication

Enabling effective communication between healthcare professionals with secure digital messaging solutions.

Superfast broadband upgrades

Helping to ensure that clinicians working from home have their broadband upgraded to superfast as soon as possible.

Remote data access

Enabling carers to check and share critical patient information when making home visits with our CareTech solution.

Linking citizens up with loved ones

Improving connectivity in care homes.

Patients Prioritised - how Vodafone support CareTech

CareTech works across the UK, supporting people with disabilities and challenging behaviours, and helping them discover a more independent way of life.

The team were looking for a solution that would transform their admin process. By joining up their communications on to a single platform, allows carers to make effective use of time. They can spend less of it worrying about admin and more on what matters most – caring for their patients.

Vodafone Care Tech

Connected Health

Patients and healthcare professionals are beginning to experience first-hand what greater efficiency looks and feels like. There’s less use of paper, while old equipment like pagers, faxes and out-of-date phone systems are disappearing.

Instead there’s growing use of 5G, cloud and data, as well as computers, gadgets, tablets and mobiles all talking to each other.

Our products are connecting clinicians with clinicians, clinicians with patients, patients with NHS places, NHS places with even more places – all making the everyday more efficient.

Vodafone DreamLab

Apps like Vodafone DreamLab are speeding up research to find new cures for current or emerging conditions, including cancer and COVID-19.

Vodafone Dream Lab
Patients are demanding change. They want better outcomes, more immediacy and are accepting of virtual ways of working. The pandemic has re-engineered society on our behalf.

Professor Shafi Ahmed,
Cancer surgeon at The Royal London Hospital, Vodafone Health Ambassador

Making change happen - right now  

Frankfurt university hospital

Vodafone in Health

Case study: How Vodafone is nurturing innovation in healthcare around the world
Copr Bay

Vodafone in Health

Case study: Direct Internet Access in action

Vodafone in Health

Case Study: Connected Health & Care

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