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Boost responsiveness and empower front-line services with secure, efficient solutions

Those you trust, trust Vodafone to keep them connected

Emergency services trust Vodafone to keep them connected. Over 82 percent of the UK’s emergency services have connectivity contracts with Vodafone’s reliable award-winning network.

Keeping officers connected in the community​

Vodafone are West Midland Police’s preferred partner when it comes to enabling them to digitise their officers, focusing more time serving the public and less time on paperwork. We’ve partnered with them for over 10 years and are proud to support their digital transformation, keeping their officers better connected in the community. ​

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Next steps on the digital journey

The Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance services are on the frontline of protecting and safeguarding us all. Centralised command & control and mobile technologies have supported well-established digital strategies in this sector for many years, but now, in line with UK Government policy, blue light emergency services are tasked with transforming their organisations further. New ways of working are improving service delivery, increasing efficiency and reducing response times, whilst ensuring the safety of people and places.


Ensuring UK emergency services are fit for the future

The impact of COVID-19 is likely to have further accelerated the uptake of digital technologies in emergency services. Now, with so much pressure on budgets and resources, teams urgently need even more digital tools and easy access to transformational technologies. Vodafone is at the forefront of making this happen – we’re already working with the Government to help Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance services across the UK accelerate their adoption of innovative technology and discover the art of the possible with 5G – to ensure they become even smarter, faster, better.


Let’s realise your ambitious technology vision

We’re helping UK emergency services to deliver a faster, more targeted response, for less cost than ever before.

Connecting citizens to the emergency services

Speed of response colours the public’s confidence in their local Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance services. It is perception based on results. Citizens are also used to fast online access to almost everything and this now includes their interaction with the emergency services:

Bespoke technology

We’re working with partners to create bespoke apps that can help Community First Responders connect with their office-based control centres easily and securely over our 4G network when they attend medical emergencies. With responsive citizen service a priority, they can share critical information about the incident on arrival and request additional support from the emergency services.

Digital mobility

Improved mobile working is enabling police officers to spend more time in the community to instil public confidence and speeding up sharing of evidence with colleagues.


We are using disruptive technology to make the 101 police non- emergency call service even more citizen-focused by adding social media interaction. We provide this free to users.

Supporting customers during the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, we enabled all our mobile customers, whatever their payment plan, to access certain NHS websites – like www.nhs.uk and www.111.nhs.uk – without using any of their data allowance

Partnering for good

Mobility solutions and modern network connectivity are changing the game for emergency services teams across the UK. Instant access to alerts and critical information helps them do their jobs faster, while innovative IoT solutions keep them safer.

At Vodafone we are empowering blue light emergency services personnel by:


Network investment

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of frontline workers and support staff through improved network coverage with 4G – and now 5G in some areas.

Remote access

Improving access to information, documents and central databases while on the way to or attending an incident through smartphone applications.

Bodyworn Vision

Connecting bodyworn cameras on the frontline with back-end evidence management tools, which can help to gather vital evidence, reduce complaints against police, increase early guilty pleas and free up officers for more time on patrol.

Connected services

Enabling ambulance crews to stream vital signs data and transmit images from portable CT scanners to waiting hospital teams using in-vehicle WiFi technology.

Using digital tools to improve operational efficiency and streamline back office support

There’s growing use of 5G, cloud and data, as well as computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles all talking to each other. And all making the everyday more efficient.

Digital transformation

Electronic witness statements can be taken, crime reports updated and photos of known offenders shared, all while in the field using our mobile solutions.

Cutting-edge firefighting technologies

Predictive fire engine maintenance empowered by our IoT-enabled SIMs connected to our network, helps to cut costs and keep vehicles on the road in partnership with leading fire, rescue and emergency vehicle and equipment manufacturer Emergency One.

Secure live streaming

Secure video links mean that police officers no longer spend time travelling to and from court, often waiting hours to give evidence. Instead, they can testify via live streaming from the police station.

Boosting efficiency and productivity

GPS and geo location apps help to improve resource management, maximise availability and reduce incident response times.

Unified emergency response

Joined-up delivery of emergency services is a priority when major accidents or disruptive events happen. As is visibility of events on-the-ground and uninterrupted communication between frontline teams and operational control.

Emergency services organisations are adopting cloud-first policies giving them access to the digital solutions and services they need to make this happen. At Vodafone, our strategic partnership with IBM brings together our leadership in IoT, 5G and edge computing with IBM’s multi-cloud industry expertise and professional services capabilities.

We’re investing in the complete modernisation of our network, rolling out 5G and expanding core and fixed capabilities to help keep our customers connected, whatever the world throws at them.

Secure crisis communications

Real time crisis communication management with an easy-to-use and secure BlackBerry mass communication system.

Smart Cameras

Deployment of tactical mobile cameras during an incident, along with streaming high-definition output.

Smart Hub

Live streaming using Smart Hub from police vehicles gives HQ a better understanding of incidents, helping guide response decisions during evolving situations with Smart Hub.

We chose the secure and reliable BlackBerry AtHoc messaging platform to allow us to share and receive real time information across our business and police operations. BlackBerry AtHoc will help us rapidly respond to internal operational issues and ensure accurate information is shared across multiple police departments and personnel using both analogue and digital channels.

Darren Spurgeon,
Police Inspector, Greater Manchester Police

A connected coast

Vodafone is working with a DCMS-backed consortium to transform rural Dorset with 5G as a blueprint for rural Britain.


Cutting-edge firefighting technologies

Our market leading Internet of Things network makes it possible for fire engines to be monitored remotely.

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