(Official) Integrated Managed Infrastructure

An efficient and affordable way to manage a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Vodafone’s Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) service for Public Cloud is an essential tool that helps IT departments manage their organisation’s hybrid cloud infrastructure. Designed for operations that deliver key services via a mix of public and private cloud services alongside on-site platforms, the IMI service provides a cost-effective alternative to investing in the skilled IT specialists and resources usually required to manage each individual component in such a diversified infrastructure.


How it works

The IMI service is designed to manage cloud environments using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public clouds (both of which are available as separate G-Cloud packages through Vodafone). Managed cloud services make it easy for organisations to harness the opportunities available within these different cloud platforms without having to become an expert in each one.

IMI is designed to be flexible, with various service tiers available to meet all budgets and requirements. This includes an option to pay for managed services using a consumption-driven model, ensuring your costs match the demands made by your organisation at any given time.


What's included?

The service includes several features designed to help with deployment and management of cloud services. Pre-integrated cloud-ready tooling eliminates the need to invest or build cloud-specific management toolsets; instead, both cloud-native and IBM tools are available to quickly scale services up and down as required. Automated operations help you rapidly set up managed cloud environments and optimise existing functionality.

The service also provides comprehensive support across all cloud services, with access to a pool of skilled and certified specialists covering all supported public cloud platforms. This pool is continuously updated to support new cloud services the moment they’re released, and also offers guidance when implementing middleware, which works to connect operating system and databases to applications on public cloud services.


Implement multiple cloud services from a single, managed platform

Address key organisational challenges

Increase operational efficiency and improve compliance management, while addressing the skills shortage created by the need to manage multiple platforms.

Reduce risk

Enjoy peace of mind by deploying a standardised, reliable and secure IT infrastructure.

Scalable and cost-efficient

Benefit from a clear, predictable, pay-as-you-use pricing model along with rapid deployment options that let you quickly scale your infrastructure up or down as required.

Reduce management and IT resource costs

Gain on-demand access to skilled expertise when it’s needed with 24/7 operations support. Free up your IT staff to take on more strategic roles.

Official security classification

This Vodafone product is certified to meet the Official security classification level as defined by HM Government. Official is deemed appropriate for managing most information that’s created or processed by the public sector, including information that is sensitive and must not be shared freely.

Click here for details of government guidelines.


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