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Get enterprise-class call management that’s tailored just for you

Vodafone’s Simply Contact call-management service gives you a powerful mechanism for handling incoming telephone calls. This solution enables you to select the type of phone number you want, including freephone and premium rate, while an automated system helps route calls based on predefined criteria and input from the caller. With a flexible price model and modular design, you only pay for what you need, without investing in costly infrastructure.


How it works

Provided by Vodafone, the UK’s market leader in call-management services, Simply Contact enables you to provide advanced call-centre functionality without investing in expensive equipment. Implementation is handled by your own dedicated account holder, who will ensure that the new solution meets your needs and act as your guide from gathering requirements through to the migration or implementation date.

Simply Contact enables you to choose the type of number you would like, including those with local area codes starting with 01 and 02, or with 03 for UK-wide contexts. Freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers are also available, along with premium and special-service rate numbers, such as those with 09, 084 and 087 prefixes. You may even be able to keep an existing number. [i]


Intelligent functions

Vodafone’s Intelligent Network (IN) analyses the number dialled and then routes the call according to the information stored in your individually tailored call plan. This may be as simple as directing the call straight through to your agreed destination number [ii], which could be a regular UK landline number (with a 01 or 02 prefix), a mobile number or an international phone number. [iii] The call plan can be customised further to re-route calls depending on pre-defined conditions, such as the day of the week, overall call volume, the caller’s location and a host of other criteria.

Vodafone’s IN is fully integrated with Vodafone’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. This enables you to configure menu options that help callers to choose the most appropriate operator for their call. IVR is capable of responding to touch-tone input or spoken directives.


Sophisticated call-management that’s customised for you

UK market leader in call-management services

Vodafone delivers over seven billion minutes of voice service every year in the UK. That’s why top companies trust it to deliver reliability, stability and financial savings.

Choose the type of number you want

Simply Contact lets you choose a UK local-area or nationwide number or you can opt for one with a freephone, premium-rate or service-rate prefix.

Redirect calls based on predetermined criteria

Route incoming calls based on predefined conditions, such as day of the week, response time or overall call volume.

Improve call-handling time

Vodafone’s IVR system allows callers to choose who to contact within your organisation and input key data, such as their account number, before you speak to them.

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