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Unified Communications

Our suite of unified communications solutions intelligently converges fixed and mobile services onto one platform to help increase efficiency.

Relied upon by a range of government departments and tens of thousands of civil servants, Vodafone One Net Enterprise – Cloud is designed to streamline communications to make work easier and more productive.

Many Public Sector customers are looking for ways to give people the tools to be more productive wherever they are. We can offer you this greater flexibility by delivering seamless communications across voice, video, chat or social channels so you can respond more effectively using the most appropriate device and media – all within a secure environment.

Implementation requires no capital outlay, and once complete, Vodafone One Net Enterprise – Cloud offers a predictable, cost-effective way to communicate that includes free on-net fixed and mobile calls. As a cloud-based service, it gives you the freedom to scale rapidly and benefit from ongoing innovation and support.

Network Services

We offer a comprehensive communications solution under Network Services RM1045. It is built on a network that is tried, tested and trusted by the public sector.

Vodafone One Net Enterprise – Cloud
Vodafone One Net Enterprise – Cloud offers an integrated fixed and mobile network for telephony, collaboration and messaging. A service that is consistent for users across the organisation, however and wherever they access it.

G Cloud 9

The latest framework agreement helps you buy Pay as you go, cloud-based services. That means you only pay for what you use. You get innovative off-the-shelf solutions that are quick to arrange and set up, with all the benefits of a bespoke solution.

Vodafone Managed Hosting
We provide Managed Hosting to a range of Public Sector organisations whose security requirements range from commercial best practice to Official and above.
Vodafone Primary Storage – Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Vodafone Primary Storage - Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides a flexible way to store businesses applications and user files – all securely hosted in our UK data centres.
Vodafone Flexible Computing for Government
Flexible Computing for Government is designed for organisations that require an Elevated Official Secure Infrastructure as a Service and computing flexibility at easily scalable costs. Better still, you can focus on core business activities while Vodafone manages your IT infrastructure.
Vodafone Flexible Computing
Vodafone Flexible Computing will give your organisation the ability to increase IT agility, reduce computing costs and focus on core activities, while having your IT infrastructure managed by an experienced and trusted partner – us.
Vodafone Private Cloud
Private Cloud is a dedicated Public Sector service, managed – if you wish – by us and hosted within our secure UK data centres, where it is monitored and supported 24/7.
Vodafone Protective Monitoring as a Service (PMaaS)
Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG13) recommends you to monitor your IT estate for potential security breaches and insider threats. Vodafone Protective Monitoring as a Service (PMaaS) is designed to help your organisation meet those requirements.
Vodafone Cloud Storage
Forget the capital expenditure and the labour-intensive demands of swinging between under and over-capacity that you get with traditional data storage solutions. Instead, opt for Vodafone Cloud Storage for a highly flexible, next-generation platform that helps to keep costs to a minimum and to improve IT agility and disaster recovery.
Vodafone Video Services for Government
Vodafone Video Services for Government will give your organisation reliable and secure video services, allowing your people to collaborate freely and securely with other UK Government PSN-connected agencies.
Vodafone Police Mobility
Having immediate access to critical information and being able to quickly relay it to colleagues using a handheld device is what makes the goal of safer, more effective policing possible. Vodafone Police Mobility is a next generation mobile access service for UK police forces, designed to deliver this goal.
Vodafone Hosted Microsoft Office 365
When used to its full potential, Microsoft Office 365 can simplify IT management, while raising the bar for enterprise productivity. Thanks to its choice of deployment options, you can continue to run some apps at your premises and move others to the cloud, or migrate entirely to the Cloud.
Vodafone Cloud Advisory Service - Generic
With the right advice you can transform your traditional outsourced or on-premise IT Infrastructure into public and private cloud-based hosting. That’s what we deliver: the knowledge and the confidence necessary to create a winning strategy for your move into the Cloud.
Vodafone Cloud Optimisation Service - Generic
Designed to ensure your cloud technology delivers the benefits your organisation requires, our OPTIMISE services offer insights and improvements in five areas: Life Cycle Management and Development, Storage Assessment, DEV/Ops Operating Model, Infrastructure as a Service and Data Analytics.
Vodafone Cloud Enablement Service - Generic
We have the know-how to implement and manage a cloud architecture that delivers consistent, streamlined services focused on user needs, engaging both external and internal users. Vodafone Cloud Enablement Services were designed to help get results by simplifying and accelerating processes, creating faster, more efficient routes to resolution and delivery.
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Help and guidance

Read our Framework Buyer's Guide to discover tips to help simplify your purchasing journey.

Why Vodafone?

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Proven experience

As a strategic partner to government for over 35 years, we have evolved our services to serve the needs of Public Sector organisations. Our solutions focus on helping you improve your ability to respond to an ever-changing landscape – while staying well within your budget restraints.
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When it comes to the emergency services, speed, ease and control are key. We always try to make things simple and give your organisation as much choice and control as possible. That’s probably why 69% of the UK’s blue-light services already depend on our network (Experian, September 2016).
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We innovate to help organisations like yours stay ahead. We use emerging technologies to create new opportunities and enable the digital transformation that is so essential for Public Sector organisations that want to make services simpler to use and more efficient to run. We can help you on this journey.