PSN Connect Encrypt with GCF Services

Encrypted connectivity plus secure collaboration tools

We can offer you two complementary products bundled into one Service Offer:

  1. PSN Connect Encrypt delivers seamless site-to-site communication at the ‘Protected Level’ – including encrypted access to sites and services on the Public Services Network (PSN). Using our centrally hosted services via an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN), you can securely interact with people and resources at any site – and be sure that confidential communications remain that way.
  2. Our range of Government Convergence Framework (GCF) Services enable you to collaborate, and share and access information securely across the Public Sector.

PSN Connect Encrypt

PSN Connect Encrypt is a Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP) service. An IP-VPN is established via Vodafone’s network with an overlay encryption. Then you can communicate with other organisations connected to PSN at the Protected level.

To manage quality of service and ensure end-to-end guarantees for data transfer, it uses Cisco’s Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network technology, together with DCSP marking and per packet scheduling.

And we provide, manage and maintain the routers on your premises, with connections between sites configured to your wishes.


GCF Services

There are seven GCF Services. Five of them are core:

  • Domain Name Service (DNS) offers name to address management and resolution
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides a central trusted time source for PSN
  • Email Relay supports the secure transmission of email between email systems and other mail systems on PSN, and networks connected to PSN
  • Email Filtering helps protect you from malware
  • Peer-to-Peer provides connections between PSN networks and other approved networks and services

And two are supplementary:

  • Secure Internet Connectivity (Proxy Service) enables you to access the Internet using PSN Connect Encrypt
  • Managed Firewall Service is a first line of defence which controls the flow of data between networks

Flexible data access with superior security

From the smallest to the largest sites, this is the smart way to keep everyone connected – with encryption at every stage.

  • Future-proofed
    The service is scalable and grows with your organisation
  • Managed 24/7
    Frees you and your team to work on more pressing matters
  • Connectivity you can rely on
    A selection of configurations to meet your needs and budget
  • Flexible and economic
    Supports encryption and non-encryption services
  • Meets latest cyber initiatives
    Delivers against the government’s 2018 cryptographic deadline
  • Complements your network service
    With direct access to our Cloud Voice and Secure Compute services

Secure collaboration made simple

  • Resilient Domain Name Service, with data held at two different UK locations and run by individuals who are UK Government Security vetted. In fact, both measures are standard for all our GCF Services
  • Email Relay Service separates services to make sure the message gets to the right person, and nobody else
  • Email filtering offers multi-layered anti-virus protection and industry-leading anti-spam protection
  • Peer-to-Peer provides one connection to and from your community. A real money-saver
  • Secure Internet Proxy supports web browsing, including lower bandwidths
  • Firewall Service, should you want to outsource your border firewall management

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