Private Cloud

Set up a private cloud for your organisation

Vodafone Hosted Private Cloud provides a cloud-first solution to the growing demands, risks and complexities of public-sector IT infrastructure. Thanks to the power and flexibility of virtual computing technology, you can run multiple independent platforms from a single cloud-based environment. You only pay for the services you use, helping reduce IT costs and overheads. The platform’s fast and flexible nature means it can meet all existing needs plus expand to meet new challenges quickly as your organisation changes and grows.


How it works

Vodafone Hosted Private Cloud is hosted and managed by Vodafone and provides your organisation with the ability to use virtualised computing, storage and networking services, powered by VMWare. The service is hosted within Vodafone’s own secure data centres in the UK, Germany or Ireland.

Virtualised services allow organisations to use a single platform to meet all their computing, storage and network needs, and can be managed in real-time through a self-service portal. Costly physical infrastructure, from expensive networking equipment to dedicated servers, is eliminated. Instead, Vodafone provides the backbone to power your organisation’s IT needs through its secure data centres.

The portal allows administrators, IT staff and other authorised personnel to manage existing services, monitor current usage and order new services as and when required. Virtualisation at computing, storage and network levels makes it easy to organise and segregate services between departments as if you were running a physical hardware solution.


Flexible, scalable and cost-efficient

Cost-effective, transparent pricing

Only pay for the services you use with options to quickly scale up or down as required.

Dedicated, secure physical infrastructure

Your cloud platform is powered by the latest hardware and virtualisation technologies and delivered over Vodafone’s fast networks to ensure optimum performance.

Simple management portal

A self-service portal simplifies the administration of your cloud network – whether you’re managing existing services or adding new ones.

Peace of mind across your organisation

Industrial-grade security with flexible and simple controls that can add extra protection across your entire network. Benefit from access to year-round, 24-hour monitoring and support, along with backup and disaster recovery services.

Additional services

A Service Catalogue provides a range of additional services, including creating new virtual machines and network and firewall controls. An OS Services section makes it easy for machines to be created in minutes, and also provides a means to quickly apply recommended security patches across an entire organisation.

A range of backup and disaster recovery options are also provided to guarantee peace of mind and offer organisations a range of options for responding quickly to major issues that could lead to data loss. These range from per-machine Rapid Restore options to a Disaster Recovery module that can be extended to protect the entire network should problems arise.


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