(Official) Migration Services

Simplify your move to the cloud

Part of Vodafone’s offering under the G-Cloud procurement framework, Migration Services (MS) gives you hands-on help to plan and migrate your organisation’s applications and data to the cloud. Following a thorough review of the data and applications you intend to move, the MS team prepares a plan that documents all aspects of the proposed migration, puts in place contingency plans and tests that the tools used to transfer applications and data are functioning as intended. This highly methodical approach results in a controlled migration process that guarantees the integrity of your data and applications.



The work begins with an expert team being assigned to your migration project. The team, which includes specialist programmers, consultants, engineers, architects and testers, works with you to both review the data and applications that are part of the proposed move to the cloud, plus documents the overall scope of the project. The exact steps involved in the move are determined by the type of migration being undertaken – options range from a simple “lift and shift” that mirrors the existing setup on the new platform to a complex rebuild of applications within the new environment. In overall terms, however, it begins by defining how the migration will be done, including specifying the target cloud platform and any build work that needs to be done to prepare the new environment.


Planning and implementation

The next step typically involves documenting any steps required before, during and after migration. At this point, the team also prepares contingency measures in case the migration does not proceed as planned. It also tests that its migration tools are correctly configured and that the results of test runs conform to expectations. Governance and communication for the switchover from the legacy to cloud platform are also agreed at this stage.

The team then carry out any necessary pre-migration steps before using tools to undertake the migration process itself, which is conducted in discrete, logical blocks. Testing follows any necessary post-migration steps. Once all stakeholders are confident that data has been migrated correctly, switchover occurs and migration to the cloud is deemed to be complete.


Get expert help to ensure a simple migration

Methodical approach

Migration Services employs proven migration tools and techniques to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Protect your systems

The MS team’s expertise guarantees the integrity of your data and applications throughout the migration process.

Contingency plans

The MS team anticipates issues and develops strategies to deal with them. Its fix-forward and back-out planning ensures that it isn’t caught off guard.

Thorough testing

Specialist testers verify that data is complete and properly sited, and that applications function as intended before any switchover takes place.

Official security classification

This Vodafone product is certified to meet the Official security classification level as defined by HM Government. Official is deemed appropriate for managing most information that’s created or processed by the public sector, including information that is sensitive and must not be shared freely.

Click here for details of government guidelines.


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