Vodafone Meet Anywhere Video (VMA-V)

Easy-to-use video conferencing

Vodafone Meet Anywhere Video (VMA-V) is a cloud-based video-conferencing system offered as part of Vodafone’s offering under the G-Cloud procurement framework. It enables organisations to have a personal meeting space that can be easily accessed from multiple locations and is capable of meeting all conferencing needs. Users can connect from almost anywhere – including outside the organisation – and can share content in addition to communicating over audio or video.


How it works

Vodafone’s consulting team works with you to gather your requirements and produce a tailor-made video-conferencing solution that is connected to both your data centre and the internet. The team will also audit existing equipment to verify its suitability for use with VMA Video and advise on the purchase of compatible equipment – from endpoints and cameras to microphones and other accessories – where required.

The VMA-V service consists of four main components:

Usage/Capacity Plans: charges for VMA Video are based on the maximum number of simultaneous connections made during each monthly billing period. This pay-as-you-use system gives you unlimited access to conferencing facilities across your organisation without a costly infrastructure investment.

Two main plans are available: Fixed Tariff and Total Minutes. Fixed Tariff provides a consistent charge with flexibility for occasional spikes that fall within threshold and ceiling limits. Total Minutes is a flat charge, calculated by multiplying the total number of users in a call by the length of that call (for example, six users in a 45-minute conference call would be billed for 270 minutes in total).

Room and Conferencing Equipment Managed Services: Vodafone is also able to provide a management service to maintain and support existing conferencing devices – subject to a prior audit.

Value-added Professional Services: this encompasses a range of professional services, including consultancy, infrastructure support and maintenance, surveys and assessments, technical design, business transformation assessments, ad-hoc on-site services, and user training.

Managed Meetings and Managed Events: Vodafone’s event services can deliver personalised and cost-effective conferencing solutions for virtual events. With Managed Meetings, a dedicated operator provides concierge services, running the video conference meeting to manage attendees, ensure the service is performing smoothly and assist as and when required. Managed Events are similar to Managed Meetings, except that the service uses a separate cloud bridging platform and has more pre-event activities to ensure attendees don’t encounter issues while connecting or participating in the meeting.


Video-conferencing solutions made simple

Flexible and powerful

Easily schedule meetings, update calendars and join meetings with a single click. Enjoy full conference control with on-screen options including live status for all participants.

Scalable and affordable

Avoid costly infrastructure investment and only pay for each call based on the duration and number of participants thanks to a straightforward price-per-minute rate.

Wide range of applications

VMA-V is perfect for interactive meetings, online training sessions, multimedia presentations and more. Record and play back meetings or access presentations, reports and briefings through an online virtual environment.

Smart support options

Concierge services as part of Managed Meetings and Managed Events allow you to focus on the meeting and engaging with colleagues and partners.

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