Managed Hosting

Streamline your IT with tailor-made managed hosting

Rationalise your IT operations with a fully managed hosting solution that’s carefully crafted to meet all your organisation’s IT design, build and support needs, allowing you to focus on adding value for your stakeholders. Managed Hosting (MH) offers business-level security and compliance as standard and the modular nature of the service enables you to add or remove components at any time. This gives your organisation the agility to quickly respond to changing IT needs, while MH’s transparent cost model makes budgeting simple and predictable.


How it works

Managed Hosting offers a modular approach to building IT infrastructure, which enables your organisation to choose which services and components to include in its setup. A range of specialist consultancy services are available to help you shape and choose the elements that will make up your IT real estate and ensure that they are aligned to your organisation’s needs.

Components that make up the service include server management (including its housing and OS), the database and directories of managed applications, LAN switches and routers, plus network security and firewall management. Availability is overseen and ensured through site resilience and traffic management components, while managed storage and backup operations include primary, dedicated and cloud storage, plus cloud storage applications along with the Data Protect on and off-site backup service. MH even includes procurement services, with obtained hardware and software being provided on a rental or management-only basis.



Specialists begin your organisation’s transition to MH by capturing IT requirements to create an agreed scope for your project. Design specialists then work with you to formulate platform and migration plans based on the team’s earlier analysis, ensuring that your solution is delivered in a way that meets your organisation’s current needs while remaining flexible enough to accommodate future scaling. Once the design is signed off and contracts have been agreed, the team will build your bespoke platform and begin any necessary migration.

Following successful deployment, MH support services will begin routine monitoring and management services along with any additional incident, problem and event management services you select for your IT infrastructure and business applications.


Hassle-free tailor-made IT infrastructure

Security and compliance

Managed Hosting features enterprise-grade security and compliance as standard, which includes 24/7 monitoring and incident-recovery solutions.

Expert help

From initial scoping and design services to in-life, operational support, Vodafone’s experts are always on hand to offer assistance.

Modular and flexible

Interlocking building blocks of managed infrastructure enable you to construct your ideal, fully supported hosting environment.

Predictable costs

A transparent tariff of costs helps you manage your budget while balancing operational and capital expenditure.

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Looking for something specific?

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