Flexible Computing for Government

Adaptable and highly secure cloud computing for the UK public sector

Agile and highly secure, Flexible Computing for Government (FCfG) enables government and public-service organisations to outsource the management of their cloud infrastructure to Vodafone – a long-time, trusted UK public sector partner – while they get on with government business. Delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis, FCfG can be scaled according to an organisation’s changing needs and meets the top-level, “Official” secure infrastructure requirements that are mandatory for data storage and transmission in the UK public sector.


What is it?

Flexible Computing for Government is an ISO-27001-compliant and fully accredited cloud environment that can be easily scaled according to an organisation’s needs. Physically, it is housed on a multi-tenant platform in a UK data centre with a mirrored copy at a second site in another city for additional resilience and is accessed via the government’s high-performance PSN (Public Service Network). The multi-tenant nature of the platform means that a number of organisations can share the same physical device and draw on its processing power, storage resources and network capabilities, but each one has its own isolated, secure virtual environment. This is separated from the others with its own firewall and load-balancing setup along with dedicated network and computing resources – all managed by Vodafone as part of the FCfG service.


How it works

Virtual servers – known as Flexible Instances – are the key building blocks within each organisation’s environment. There are ten types available, each with different memory and processing capabilities. Organisations can also add extra storage as required. The desired configuration will be set up by Vodafone staff when organisations first join the service, after which they can manage and scale the service by themselves using a self-service portal.

Vodafone also offers a Managed Flexible Instance (MFI) service. This provides support up to the operating system level – organisations remain responsible for installing and maintaining their own applications – along with management of the servers, including proactive and routine maintenance. MFI also includes support to recover from unexpected events, anti-virus solutions, OS patching and monitoring, and automated backup services.


Secure cloud computing for UK government organisations

Fully flexible solution

Add computing power and data storage whenever you need it using a self-service portal that’s ready when you are.


The simple pay-as-you-go payment model means that organisations only pay for what they use with no capital outlay.

Expert help

FCfG enables organisations to outsource server administration tasks to trained specialists who are 100% focussed on looking after IT infrastructure needs.

Round the clock support

A 99.99% service level is guaranteed as part of the service along with 24x365 support and full reporting services.

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