(Official) Cloud Environment Design and Configuration

Build a professional cloud environment to host your applications

Part of Vodafone’s offering under the G-Cloud procurement framework, the Cloud Environment Design and Configuration (CEDC) service provides the development, test and production environments – sometimes referred to as a cloud landing zone – required to build and host your organisation’s cloud-based applications. These environments can be scaled to accommodate more users as your hardware or bandwidth requirements grow and are delivered fully configured and tailored to your specific needs.



An expert team, consisting of a project manager and specialist cloud consultants and engineers, will design and configure your organisation’s landing zone, either on site or remotely. The team is made up of experienced professionals who are familiar with building and deploying scalable environments using private cloud technology – such as VMware and IBM Private Cloud – or within public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google and Alibaba.

The CEDC team will begin by assessing how cloud-ready your organisation’s IT functions are based on a previously produced application assessment report. It will then evaluate your organisation’s environmental requirements and recommend the best technology and architecture to host your applications.



Once a plan has been formed, the implementation phase begins. The team starts to build and configure your cloud environment and connectivity. As part of this work, it will ensure that user accounts are set up in line with your security needs and implement cloud-usage and chargeback reporting mechanisms tailored to your organisation’s requirements. It will confirm that environmental management tools are in place to allow IT teams to control the cloud environment’s infrastructure and check that software components built into the cloud platform are available for developers.

Finally, if required, the CEDC team will connect the new cloud environment to any private cloud your organisation might be operating already and set up automated testing to verify that all the elements of the new setup are working as planned.


Professional advice on demand

Expert configuration

Get the peace of mind that comes from having your landing zone designed and configured by experienced cloud environment professionals.

Proven methods

Benefit from a tried-and-tested approach to designing and configuring cloud environments that mitigates risks and speeds up deployment.

Make informed decisions

Choose the right type of environment for your organisation with expert advice on the pros and cons of public and private networks.

Built-in tracking from day one

Track your cloud-based assets from the start with expert pointers on successful cloud-tagging schemas.

Official security classification

This Vodafone product is certified to meet the Official security classification level as defined by HM Government. Official is deemed appropriate for managing most information that’s created or processed by the public sector, including information that is sensitive and must not be shared freely.

Click here for details of government guidelines.


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