BlackBerry Enterprise Service

Help protect your people, data and endpoints with the Blackberry Enterprise Service

Introducing the BlackBerry Enterprise Service, which comprises three Core Service Elements:

  • BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM)
  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM®) for Enterprise
  • BlackBerry AtHoc

Find out below how BlackBerry can help you build a secure and efficiently managed work environment.

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What is Unified Endpoint Management?

BlackBerry Spark UEM is a multiplatform solution that provides comprehensive device, application and content management with integrated security and connectivity. It helps you to manage compatible iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices all in one place.

Two different Suites are available depending on your individual needs.

BlackBerry Spark UEM Express Suite

The BlackBerry Spark® UEM Express Suite offers the ability to manage and secure devices and apps, across key platforms and device ownership models with a highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® apps. Using a single platform to streamline device management, both the IT and end user experiences will be simplified.

BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite

The BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite builds on the Express Suite by adding:

  • Mobile Content Management with full Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Identity and Access Management
  • BlackBerry® Dynamics™ SDK and ISV/custom apps
  • Multi-channel notifications.

With Spark UEM, you will have access to the premium security package with BlackBerry® Secure Connect Plus and Regulated Control.

How does BlackBerry Messenger (BBM®) work as an enterprise solution?

BBM® Enterprise is designed to help organisations meet regulatory compliance standards and handle a large volume of communication. It offers secure conferencing, voice, video and group chat on any device, including smartphones and desktops.

BBM® Enterprise protects data with end-to-end encryption both in transit and at rest across Android™, iOS®, BlackBerry® 10, Windows®, and macOS, offering the speed, simplicity, and privacy needed by security-conscious organisations.

Offering two layers of security:

Symmetric keys

Messages between BBM® Enterprise end users are encrypted and are unlocked by symmetric keys. The sender and recipient each have unique public/private encryption and signing keys (generated by the FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic library and controlled by your business).

TLS encryption

TLS encryption between the device and the BBM® Enterprise infrastructure protects BBM® Enterprise messages from eavesdropping or manipulation.

Achieve the most immediate and effective response to critical events

When emergencies strike, it can quickly escalate into a crisis. BlackBerry AtHoc provides a seamless and trusted exchange of critical information between organisations, their people, devices, and any external entity. That’s essential, as no event occurs in isolation.

Blackberry AtHoc enables you to communicate via multiple channels (e.g. text, email, telephony, social networks, etc.) both within your own organisation and with other organisations who have connected their BlackBerry AtHoc service with you.

Managing complex communication channels with ease

With Blackberry AtHoc you can target communications and collect responses from specific audiences (e.g., departments, distribution lists, and geographic location) depending on the situational requirement.

Additionally, the service provides the ability to preconfigure communication templates simplifying the organisation’s communications process and allowing for efficient communication during critical events that require an alert and response.

Your unified platform for Critical Event Management (CEM)

Depending on the range of features required, you can select one or more of the following cloud-based licence types:

  • Alert – Secure mass notifications and two-way communications
  • Account – Integrated personnel accountability
  • Collect – Secure mobile app for location-tracking and field reporting
  • Situation Response – Plan, respond and collaborate for incident lifecycle management
  • Connect – Secure, geo-based, cross-organisation inform

BlackBerry Enterprise Service: flexible, reliable, secure

Simple but powerful

Securely manage devices, apps and communications across key platforms, with integrated security and connectivity.

Choose a package to suit

Wide range of licences, plans and professional services to give you maximum flexibility depending on your needs or budget.

Scalable to meet changing needs

The UEM can support up to 25,000 devices per server and 150,000 devices per domain, making it easy to expand the number of endpoints covered.

Help and support when you need it

Multiple levels available, with direct access to Blackberry helpdesk staff on higher-tier support packages.

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Looking for something specific?

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