(Official) Application Modernisation

Make your legacy applications ready for the cloud

Part of Vodafone’s offering under the G-Cloud procurement framework, Application Modernisation (AM) provides expert help to transform critical, but out-dated legacy applications so that they can run in a cloud-based environment. This is particularly suitable for specialised programs that provide your organisation with crucial functionality, but which cannot be migrated to the cloud using standard migration services because of time constraints or because the legacy applications involved have complex interdependencies or rely on out-of-date technology.



An expert team, including a project manager, microservice developers, user-interface programmers and test specialists, will be assigned to modernise the designated application, either on site or remotely. The specific approach will depend on the application itself, but will typically begin with an assessment phase, during which the team will evaluate the legacy program’s inputs and functionality, conduct a review of current organisational needs and define measurable objectives before forming a costed plan of how best to modernise the application to ensure it meets current strategic requirements.

Once the plan has been reviewed and agreed, an optional second phase begins. During this phase the project team will create a proof of technology or prototype with the aim of quickly validating the approach and confirming the implementation plan and costs.



The team will then move onto the execution phase. Detailed planning and programming begin with daily, 15-minute, feedback-and-update meetings taking place between the team and a representative from the organisation. This allows for an agile response to the emerging issues and changing requirements that form a part of any software development process. The development, testing and release of application components occurs in iterative, incremental cycles during this phase.

Once all the project objectives are met and the application has been fully modernised, the final handover phase takes place. This involves passing ownership of the project back to a representative of the organisation, along with details of future support options. 


Modernise legacy apps with no fuss or downtime

Expert project team

Enjoy the benefits of an expert project team, with all the specialist developers, programmers and testers you need, without the trouble and expense of hiring a new set of employees.

Applications become easy to maintain and extend

A modern cloud-ready application is easier to support and has clearly defined inputs and outputs and discrete components that improve extensibility.

Meet all your goals

Your organisation’s current strategic requirements are addressed as part of the transformation process to ensure the updated application does exactly what you need.

Improve application performance

Updating legacy systems also means you can address how users interact with your applications, making interfaces quicker and easier to use for everyday operations.

Official security classification

This Vodafone product is certified to meet the Official security classification level as defined by HM Government. Official is deemed appropriate for managing most information that’s created or processed by the public sector, including information that is sensitive and must not be shared freely.

Click here for details of government guidelines.


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