Inclusive Value Price Plans Term and Spend

Control the costs of your mobile service

Get all the benefits of our public sector mobile plans, without the admin overhead. With Vodafone's Inclusive Value Price Plans Term and Spend, simply agree how much you want to spend over a given period of time, then add and remove connections whenever you please.


Get more from your plan

Wi-Fi Calling

No signal indoors? No problem. Connect to Vodafone's mobile network via local Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

Monthly Usage Limits

Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager lets you set a monthly limit to control out-of-bundle call charges.

UK Data Capping

Stop data costs spiralling out of control by limiting your organisation's data consumption.

Introductory Offer

Call now to see if you're eligible for a subsidy to use in your first 60 days with us.

Choose a network that delivers

Our service is highly reliable to help you stay connected with out-of-office workers. Our 4G network covers 99% of the UK, and our superfast 5G service is now available in over 44 cities with more being added all the time. So, whether your workers need a strong connection for video conferencing, swapping files or accessing systems while they're off site, Vodafone has you covered.


Choose from four plans

All our IVPPTAS mobile service plans have been created with Public Sector procurement in mind. They're simple to set up and are specifically designed to reduce ongoing admin. They're also flexible enough to suit any budget.


1: Vodafone Public Sector Inclusive

Fuss-free plans with unlimited minutes and texts* plus a choice of data allowances.

Choose from the following plan lengths:

  • 24-month
  • 36-month
  • 30-day rolling SIM-only plans

All plans include Vodafone’s Public Sector Traveller roaming. Some also give you equipment credit to spend on handsets, as well as the chance to pool and share your data allowance.

*subject to fair usage


2: Vodafone Public Sector Standby

Simple, affordable plans. Pay for what you use and select data allowances to suit your organisation’s needs - from zero to 10Gb per month.

Voice rates

  • Calls to standard UK landlines and other Vodafone mobiles: 3p per minute.
  • Calls to other mobile networks: 7p per minute
  • European roaming: 7p per minute*


  • Standard UK texts: 3p

* Plus daily access charge in Europe Zone 2


3: Vodafone Public Sector Mobile Broadband

A great-value, no-nonsense data-only plan. Go unlimited or choose the data allowance that’s right for your workers and your budget. Prices start at just £6 per month, with options from 1GB to 90GB.

All plans include Public Sector Traveller roaming* and data-sharing options, and are available on 24-month, 36-month and 30-day rolling SIM-only contracts.

*Subject to terms and conditions


4: Vodafone Public Sector Smart Funding

Spread the cost of buying tablet devices with our Smart Funding plan. This option helps keep upfront costs to a minimum, which results in more uniform, predictable monthly spending. Choose the devices you want from our catalogue, decide how much data you need and you're done.

Smart Funding plans run over 24 months and retain all the features found in our Mobile Broadband contracts shown above.


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Looking for something specific?

Understanding what services you need can be complicated - let our expert advisors help you find the perfect solution for your organisation's specific requirements.