Our customisable range of IT solutions offers you a choice of robust, secure and scaleable network and data services. And with over 35 years experience as a public sector partner, we've got the know-how to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Network Services 2

Data Access

Converged Evolved Voice

This innovative voice solution provides a secure IP connection.

Data Access

PSN Connect

Connect staff from anywhere with a single, reliable and secure network. PSN is ideal for data, voice and video.

Data Access

PSN Connect Encrypt

Provides seamless ‘Protected Level’ site-to-site connectivity plus access to sites and services on PSN.

Data Access


Stay connected with a single, scaleable private data network that offers fixed and mobile access.

Data Access

Dedicated Internet Access

A fast and reliable service that can keep up with demand and is customisable to the way your business works.

Data Access

Enterprise Broadband Service

Manage multiple broadband connections via one account. Ideal for dispersed teams with 50+ employees.

Data Access

Switched Ethernet Wireline

A simple way of offering fast site-to-site, Ethernet connectivity by linking together local networks.

Data Access

Dedicated Ethernet Optical

Boost bandwidth and speed between two sites with a dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection.

Local Connectivity

LAN with Wi-Fi

Get help to build, monitor and maintain your own LAN network that's streamlined for your organisation.

Traditional Telephony

Calls and Lines

Receive phone calls, send faxes and stream data at 64kbits/s - perfect for video-conferencing.

Traditional Telephony

Converged Hybrid Voice

Benefit from a direct connection to our most advanced Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Inbound Telephony

Inbound Voice - Simply Contact

A scaleable call management system that lets you route calls automatically and use premium or freephone numbers.

Mobile Voice and Data

UEM: BlackBerry

A single powerful interface enables you to control who can access what within your organisation.

Mobile Voice and Data

TWM: Totalmobile

A range of app-based mobile solutions that help direct, schedule and organise mobile workforces.

Mobile Voice and Data

TWM: TBS Taskmaster

Increase the efficiency of mobile workers in the field with this powerful, task-based management system.

Mobile Voice and Data

GigaCube Price Plans

Special price plans designed for organisations operating in shared or remote workspaces.

Mobile Voice and Data

Public Sector Mobile Price Plan with iPhone SE in…

iPhone SE with 7.5GB of data, unlimited voice and texts. Only £20 a month/tariff on a 36-month plan.

Mobile Voice and Data

Service Advisor

Purchase additional levels of support for your organisation’s mobile voice and data service plans.

Mobile Voice and Data

IoT: Global SIM

Track and manage your smart assets from anywhere in the world with these global sim cards.

Mobile Voice and Data

IoT: Local SIM

Improves your ability to monitor and react to events by letting your smart devices communicate locally.

Mobile Voice and Data

Inclusive Value Mobile Price Plans

A customisable range of mobile services with three simple price plans. Ideal for Public Sector procurement.

Mobile Voice and Data


A not-for-profit service for UK police forces. TecSOS-enabled mobiles allow help to be summoned discretely.

Mobile Voice and Data

Narrow Band IoT

Extend wireless connectivity to all your IoT devices via Vodafone’s dedicated, cost-effective LTE network.

Mobile Voice and Data

Inclusive Value Price Plans Term and Spend

Get a great value mobile plan with clear costs and minimal admin on the UK's most reliable network.

Paging and Alerting

TWM: CommonTime

A framework to build, deploy and manage bespoke mobile applications to meet your workforce's specific needs.

Paging and Alerting

TWM: Orbis Lone Worker Protection

A suite of mobile applications, technologies and services to help protect lone workers in the field.

Video Conferencing

Video Services & Video Services for Government

A secure, comprehensively managed suite of video, chat, screen-sharing and audio-conferencing tools.

Audio Conferencing

Meet Anywhere - Audio

A world-class, on-demand solution for organising audio conferences with up to 1,000 participants.

Unified Communications

One Net - Cisco (VONE-C)

Improve service levels by bringing together all forms of fixed and mobile communication and collaboration.

Unified Communications

Buyer Solution Design

Realise the ideal unified communication system for your organisation with the help of our experts.

Security and Surveillance

IoT: Smart Camera Solution

A cloud-based solution that provides secure, flexible and easy access to CCTV footage in real time.

Security and Surveillance

Smart Hub

Deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi, GPS location and media services to almost any remote location.

Call Centre Services

Vodafone storm®

Revolutionise your customer service offering with Vodafone’s digital cloud contact centre solution.

Call Centre Services

Buyer Solution Design

Determine the perfect contact centre solution for your organisation with our expert help and advice.

Looking for something specific?

Understanding what services you need can be complicated - let our expert advisors help you find the perfect solution for your organisation's specific requirements.

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