Inclusive Value Mobile Price Plans

Choose a network that can deliver

Whatever your mobile network needs, you need a provider you can trust to deliver – and who better than the UK’s unbeatable network for reliability – as awarded by RootMetrics*.

We’re not resting on our laurels either. We’re introducing a new AI-powered fault-finding service to detect and correct network issues before they affect customers.

Our aim is to give you ever-more reliable, faster coverage at affordable prices, ensuring you’re able to keep your workforce connected on the road, improve working practices and deliver more efficiency savings across your organisation.

To that end we’re constantly on a mission to improve network capacity and coverage across cities, towns and rural areas. 99% of the UK is now covered by 4G, and in selected areas – including the UK’s major cities – we’ve extended 4G capacity by 150% to provide download speeds of up to 300Mbps.

We’re also rolling out 5G to more locations – we currently cover 364 places across Europe, including 124 UK locations. 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G and provides you with more responsive and reliable connections, even in crowded locations. Discover more about the benefits of 5G for organisations here


Choose from three plans

We offer a wide range of flexible mobile services based around three straightforward plans, all designed with Public Sector procurement policy in mind. Each can be tailored to meet your particular challenges, and, crucially, your budgets.

Vodafone Public Sector Inclusive. Worry-free plans with inclusive minutes and texts (subject to fair usage) and a choice of data allowances. You have the flexibility to choose various contract durations:

  • 24-month Value plans
  • 36-month Value plans
  • 30-day Value plans – SIM Only, 30-day rolling term for each connection
  • 12-month plans

Vodafone Public Sector Standby. Simple plans with Value options. You pay for what you use and select data allowances to suit your organisation’s needs.

Mobile Broadband. Data only plans with Value options – all you need to connect your devices, dongles and laptops. UK Data Capping is available on all price plans to give you added control of usage and costs.


Get more mobile for less

More at home…

  • For an extra £2 a month for each user, you can choose to pool your individual data allowance and share it with others in the same account
  • UK Data Capping is available as an add-on for all data plans – putting you in control of your organisation’s spend
  • When more data is required, you simply purchase a data bolt-on or move employees onto a plan with more data

More abroad…

  • All our plans include Public Sector Traveller which allows you to take your UK minutes, texts and data bundle and rates abroad for £2.50 a day for each connection in our Europe Zone 2 and £5.00 a day for each connection in our World Zone.
  • We offer 4G roaming in over 100 destinations worldwide – more than any other major UK Network

More whenever you need it…

We also offer a range of optional services

  • Data bolt-ons
  • Roaming and International bolt-ons
  • Insurance
  • BlackBerry options

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Looking for something specific?

Understanding what services you need can be complicated - let our expert advisors help you find the perfect solution for your organisation's specific requirements.