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5G – What will it enable?

Digitech 19

Why is 5G so exciting? Quite simply, 5G tears up the rulebook, transforming how technology works, and creating more opportunities than ever before.

Journey to 5G

Technology innovation over the decades since our first 1G call has accelerated, with the time between innovations now much closer – 5G is the game changer for UK organisations. It will enable advances in artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, connected cities and self-driving cars.

5G has the potential to make seemingly far-fetched scenarios a reality – for example paramedics in a real-time video link conference with experts in the emergency room. The opportunities are endless and we’ve just scratched the surface in understanding its full potential.We’ve come a long way from medical staff and paper to capture data through to an ipad and connected systems through to connected ambulances

3G gave us mobile browsing, 4G meant that we could browse, longer, faster, better, 5G means so much more for your organisation, more speed, more connected devices, more capacity, more security.

5G roadmap

Vodafone has been quick to harness the art of the possible to help organisations start to implement their digital transformation needs. Needs often driven by policy, the need to be more efficient and cost effective, the need to provide better, safer environments for both employees and the public and so on.

The short journey from securing 5G bandwidth to the first 5G data call to the first holographic call  - a demonstration of how harnessing the ability both of real time data and the volume of data is incredible. We took one of the most difficult things to do, which is to transmit huge volumes of data, to create a holographic call – if we can do that in year one then beyond becomes the evolution of all things possible.

69% of EU cities will be 5G enabled. Its important that the UK is ready too and we will be  - Vodafone aims to have 50 cities 5G enabled, across 9 countries, by 2020

5G opportunities

In referencing healthcare, new technology has and will continue to revolutionise working methods and transform healthcare and patient care. It comes at a time when the NHS in England is trying to balance the need to introduce new and ground breaking technology, along with unprecedented reorganisation and cost-saving exercises. The NHS has put enormous pressure on all its finances, as it aims to provide sustainable services and the very best of healthcare. Equipping health workers with new mobile technology significantly increases productivity and saves costs.

High capacity and highly reliable mobile connections could bring a new era of remote healthcare. Specialists could offer remote video consultations, monitoring and procedures – even when their patients are miles away.

Remote working in harsh conditions

We’ve already used 5G to operate a crane in real time from over 70km away and pilot a driverless car. 5G’s much faster response times will allow people to do dangerous jobs, or work requiring fine motor skills, from a distance.

Enhanced emergency response

A mobile network that offers real-time data exchange between control centres, ambulance teams and specialist doctors could enable emergency services to benefit from remote diagnosis and prepare hospitals for incoming casualties. Combining other technologies such as haptic gloves, consultants back at base could guide a paramedic to give real time help through physical guidance on the patient.

Smart connected cities and digital districts

5G will allow more devices to connect simultaneously in densely populated urban spaces, transforming the way we manage our cities. For example, public transport vehicles and emergency services will be able to relay information in real time, and data from CCTV footage will improve traffic control. 5G technology could even be used to empower autonomous vehicles. Smart bins reduce time emptying bins that don’t need emptying and 5G security solutions make for safer environment for the community enabling the environment and incidents to be monitored in real time on remote devices.

Beyond becomes the evolution of all things possible

How are we helping bring the art of the possible to life?  We’ve created digital innovation hubs across the country and recently opened at MediaCityUK in Salford.  Here, we give businesses and start-ups access to 5G, IoT, high-speed fibre - linking up tech entrepreneurs with customers to take their business challenge / idea right the way through to reality.

We’ve also launched our new innovation lounge at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry (home to the Wasps rugby and netball teams) and we work with many organisations at our customer experience centre in Newbury – helping them understand new technologies and how they could use them to deliver transformative services.

To book an innovation session with Vodafone and discover where 5G could take your organisation, just complete the request form…..

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