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Five trends driving digital government

Thought leadership

Vodafone has been helping Whitehall, its agencies and the Public Sector with the challenges they face for over 35 years.

We know collaboration is key to making workers more efficient and productive. We also know any solution we suggest must be cost-effective. That’s why our fixed and mobile communications sit within a single cloud-based system to offer great value.

We have a number of examples which demonstrate innovative thinking like this. You can download and read them in our ‘Why Vodafone for Central Government?’ guide.

Five trends driving digital government

We believe partners need to provide more than just digital tools. They also need a deep understanding of the context in which those tools are used, so they can deliver:

1. Innovation and austerity – clever, cost-effective ways to do routine tasks.
2. Agile and secure services – that meet new demands. And tools with high-security standards.
3. Business-grade user experience – raising the bar for digital experience at work and at home.
4. Aligning skills and strategy – nurturing talent and facilitating a culture of knowledge sharing.
5. Collaborative advantage – easy, anywhere-access to vital resources.

How Vodafone solutions help

Some departments require new, innovative capabilities such as bespoke Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, remote connectivity or social listening. Others just need to use the Cloud to simplify what’s already there. Either way, you need to achieve more with less and we can help by offering:

  • Greater citizen engagement – deliver services reliably fast and adapt them quickly according to feedback
  • Improved operational agility – respond to any situation without making large-scale organisational changes
  • Better connected employees – keep moving forward while attracting and retaining talent

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Help and guidance

Read our Framework Buyer's Guide to discover tips to help simplify your purchasing journey.

Why Vodafone?

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Proven experience

As a strategic partner to government for over 35 years, we have evolved our services to serve the needs of Public Sector organisations. Our solutions focus on helping you improve your ability to respond to an ever-changing landscape – while staying well within your budget restraints.
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When it comes to the emergency services, speed, ease and control are key. We always try to make things simple and give your organisation as much choice and control as possible. That’s probably why 69% of the UK’s blue-light services already depend on our network (Experian, September 2016).
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We innovate to help organisations like yours stay ahead. We use emerging technologies to create new opportunities and enable the digital transformation that is so essential for Public Sector organisations that want to make services simpler to use and more efficient to run. We can help you on this journey.