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Lancaster City Council

The Vodafone Smart Camera is supporting Lancaster City Council in keeping their beaches, towns, and roads safe and clean

Many problems can be quickly resolved or entirely prevented by a solid surveillance solution. But traditional wired CCTV can be expensive and doesn’t work well in remote locations. Lancaster City Council identified this and chose to deploy the Vodafone Smart Wireless Camera.

“We’ve come a long way in a short time as a district council and I think it is that innovation, creativity and looking at what is going on in the rest of the world and thinking we’ll be the first.” Keiran Keane, CEO Lancaster City Council
  • Lancaster City Council provides services to around 140,000 people living in the Lancaster district
  • Vodafone’s Smart Wireless Camera can provide high-quality surveillance imagery up to an evidential standard and because the tool is mobile-first, it can be accessed whether in an office or out and about, enabling the council to make decisions remotely
  • The solution fits with the council’s green agenda as it is a low-power solution with the option to work off solar if required

The Vodafone Smart Camera has made it easy for Lancaster City Council to solve problems without the hassle of expensive installation. As it’s an agile surveillance solution that is quick to install, it can be redeployed easily, without being hard mounted by an engineer.

The CCTV system has helped them to be in two places at once as they can check the CCTV system via a mobile phone. The real-time alerts mean that they can start fighting back against the disruptions straight away.

With Vodafone as their partner, they are now looking to the future with ambitions of making the district not only the greenest district but also the most digital district.

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