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LondonEnergy operate the second biggest waste contract in the UK, handling and treating nearly 750,000 tonnes of London’s waste and recyclables, as well as generating enough electricity to power over 80,000 homes every year. They also divert more than 90% of waste away from landfill, saving nearly 300,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

With a HQ and a further seven sites across the north of the capital, providing a safe and secure alternative to landfill, LondonEnergy wanted to connect these sites with a robust and reliable network, that’s future proof.

Using Vodafone MPLS there’s a better connection between our remote sites and HQ and we’ve increased capacity. We didn’t have a back-up before, but now we know there’s always capacity to keep running as a business.”

Using MPLS from Vodafone, LondonEnergy can send business critical and time sensitive data from site to site, allowing them to keep track of the quantity and location of waste at their facilities across London.

The company also have peace of mind that if anything were to happen, the layers of back-up, including 4G, will give them a robust system to help avoid outages and downtime.

With the improved speed and performance from Vodafone’s MPLS, staff at LondonEnergy can collaborate faster, with easier access to tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, which struggled to run before.

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