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Vodafone are helping LondonEnergy connect their sites for quicker and more reliable communications

LondonEnergy have seven sites across London, along with Reuse and Recycling Centres open to the public for household material. They used Vodafone’s MPLS solution in order to understand how much waste there is across all their sites, and which are full.

  • LondonEnergy can now send business-critical and time-sensitive data from site to site, allowing them to keep track of the quantity and location of waste at their facilities across London.
  • With the improved speed and performance from Vodafone’s MPLS, employees can collaborate faster, with easier access to tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, which struggled to run before.
  • Finally, they can better monitor their CCTV system, without downtime, enabling them to detect theft and help keep their facilities safe.
“With Vodafone, it’s much more proactive. They are already fixing problems before we realise they're there, and that’s really impressive” Frederick Odutola, Head of Information Technology

LondonEnergy have plans to transform their existing HQ into an innovative £1b new site and eco-park – with Vodafone’s MPLS they now have a solution that’s future proof.

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