The Elastic Classroom

Education has changed

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed education for the long-term. Teachers and students need to make greater accommodations for the reduction of risk, remote learning and, where possible, operating within ‘bubbles’. And all while still retaining high standards of education and examination. This has called for the reimagining of traditional teaching and testing methods and spaces, using digitalisation.

The digitalisation of education was already on the cards, but Covid-19 has intensified the need. For the world’s students to keep learning and meet academic criteria, things need to move at pace with greater elasticity.

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Introducing Vodafone Teaching & Exams

Vodafone for Teaching and Exams is a full suite of flexible technology solutions that can help at any stage of your journey, from hosting better teaching and testing experiences online to making a safe return to in-person exams.

Vodafone for Teaching and Exams has everything you need to rethink education, while keeping your courses on track. We’re here to help you adapt and grow exam centres and remote learning, with technology that’s innovative, simple and secure.

For teaching, this means assisting you to meet digital access needs quickly, so that no one is missing out on gaining life-changing qualifications. For examinations, this means helping you to get exam centres up and running where possible, with safety measures in place.

Vodafone for Teaching and Exams delivers digital access that enables students and teachers to do more, from anywhere. From secure video conferencing tools to our Connected Education package, which provides an out-of- the-box digital classroom environment, we offer a wide spectrum of tools and solutions that open up inclusivity for all.

Safety first is top of mind. Thanks to equipment that secures exam centres and virtual classrooms, we can support you in taking the needed precautions at every step of the way. Our range of tools provide much needed peace of mind, including CCTV connected with Digital Authentication (DA), social distancing devices and more.

Keep in touch with innovative tools that engage, and a reliable connection you can depend on. Through our best- in-class global connectivity, expert IT support and interactive VR teaching tools, you can stay connected to students, educators, parents and staff.

Why Vodafone Teaching & Exams
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By choosing Vodafone, you’re not only choosing a technology provider with leading network capabilities. You’re gaining a trusted partner who can support you with end-to-end solutions, from enrolment to exam. We have the expertise and experience to understand your needs — and the scale and capabilities to deliver solutions that really work. Plus, with one global contact covering all your needs, you can expect a service that’s convenient, reliable and consistent across all sites.

Vodafone is committed to bringing quality education to everyone. The Vodafone Foundation and UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) partnership set up the Instant Network Schools digital learning programme in 2013, which has already benefited over 86,500 refugee students. Without limits, we can help you invest in powerful solutions that meet the needs of all learners.

All of this contributes to our vision for the future of education: The Elastic Classroom. Now is the time to look beyond the physical constraints of the classroom, to see how learning can be enriched and extended beyond what used to be possible. Now is the time for new thinking and new technology that empowers you, as the world’s English teaching and assessment experts, to operate with greater flexibility.

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Our solutions can be tailored to your needs to maintain the highest standards of teaching and exams — safely in the physical classroom and remotely in the virtual classroom. Vodafone’s industry-leading technology removes barriers to access, connectivity and innovation, so you can adapt on demand and thrive within this new environment.

Together with Vodafone for Teaching and Exams, you can shape a highly flexible approach to teaching and learning at speed — championing students and staff to drive how The Elastic Classroom will evolve, now and in the future.