Connected Health

A long-term commitment to delivering change

At Vodafone, we are committed to helping digital healthcare become mainstream. Already innovating to make this happen, we are aware that this transformation has been accelerated in health and social care by the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, more than ever, the huge value of technology and connectivity has been recognised at every level of the health and social care system.

Yet we recognise that budgets are still a challenge. The key is to truly innovate through technology. Using it for improved and more cost-efficient collaboration. To prevent equipment and medicine loss or theft. To better manage resource and capacity, including bed availability. And to integrate records across systems and devices for a superior patient experience.

Vodafone is a purpose-led business. Just like the health and social care sectors. That’s why we’ve made a series of commitments that include prioritising mission critical communications; providing network capacity and services for critical government functions, especially hospitals and emergency calls; and improving the delivery of information to the public.

We are a British company, sharing the belief of both the NHS and the wider care sector that improving the lives of everyone will result in a brighter future for us all.

Beyond the front line – Reimagining connected healthcare in a post COVID world

Vodafone laying out healthcare’s next steps in a post COVID world. We believe that it’s now clear, more than ever that healthcare needs to be reimagined. We need to move towards a model of connected healthcare, where we take advantage of the possibilities of 21st century technology.

Led by Peter Evans, Senior Business Correspondent, The Sunday Times, we dive into what happens in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, arguably the biggest public health emergency the UK has faced in a century, with our panellists:

  • Professor Shafi Ahmed – Surgeon, Co-founder and CMO of Medical Realities
  • Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram – Surgeon and Founder and CEO of Proximie
  • Anne Sheehan – Director, Vodafone Business UK
  • Scott Petty – Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone UK

Get in touch to discover how we’re innovating for better patient outcomes, improved connectivity and a more rewarding employee experience.

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Making change happen – right now

At Vodafone, our track record in health and social care rests on a deep understanding of the challenges today’s healthcare leaders face, day in, day out.

How do you maintain and improve your legacy systems? What are the alternatives to pagers? How do you track your critical assets, adopt paperless ways of working and achieve a painless cloud migration? And how do you connect systems to improve the information gaps standing in the way of staff efficiency?

We can’t claim to do it all on our own. But we’re already working with the Government, helping health trusts and care providers across the UK to adopt what they need to be smarter, faster, better.

By enabling communications technology we are:

  • Improving the patient and client experience
  • Empowering NHS staff and care workers
  • Making the everyday more efficient

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Making the everyday more efficient

Patients and healthcare professionals are beginning to experience first-hand what greater efficiency looks and feels like. There’s less use of paper, while old equipment like pagers, faxes and out-of-date phone systems are disappearing.

Instead there’s growing use of 5G, cloud and data, as well as computers, gadgets, tablets and mobiles all talking to each other.

Our products are connecting clinicians with clinicians, clinicians with patients, patients with NHS places, NHS places with even more places – all making the everyday more efficient.

  • Apps like Vodafone DreamLab are speeding up research to find new cures for current or emerging conditions, including cancer and COVID-19.
  • We’re making asset management more efficient via a simple, but powerful Asset Tracking solution in conjunction with TBS. Trigger-tags are placed on assets, such as equipment and medicines, which are then constantly monitored by a series of on-site beacons
  • Vodafone UK is providing connectivity for the new Nightingale hospital in London, upgrading broadband at other hospitals, and supporting NHS workers and the NHS 111 helpline.

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Opening up the digital toolbox

We are helping NHS trusts and care providers to deliver the Government’s digital transformation imperative.

Our wealth of digital tools and communications technology, along with 5G connectivity, are removing traditional constraints to delivering both better patient outcomes and a better working environment.

We’re unifying our communications, including landlines and mobile, into one system. Blue-light services attending emergencies are connecting to hospitals in real-time, and heat detection cameras offer the potential to screen visitors, NHS staff and carers for potential raised temperatures at hospital and care home entry points.

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